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Real Raymond:
February 7, 1960


Real Raymond:


Real Raymond:
December 1990


Real Raymond:
United States of America


Raymond Reddington:
Bounty hunter
Cabal operative
Confidence trick artist
Employee at Russian Embassy (United States) (former)
Member of Raymond Reddington's syndicate
Shell Island Retreat member
Real Raymond:
United States Navy intelligence officer

Raymond "Red" Reddington is a main character in the NBC series The Blacklist. Reddington is a criminal mastermind, making it to #4 and later to #1 on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives, who suddenly turns himself in after 20+ years of evading the FBI.


Raymond Reddington is a highly intelligent, highly driven individual with developed sociopathic tendencies. For all intents and purposes, this was caused by a PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) as there are no signs that he was born this way. Sly, manipulative, and charming. Red is always three steps ahead of everyone else, and is determined to keep himself a mystery. As he puts it, “I’m a criminal. Criminals are notorious liars. Everything about me is a lie.” That’s probably true, actually, but who knows for sure. He dislikes rude people, which is something that Agent Ressler pointed out after Red let a notorious drug dealer get away with false identification. Ressler mentioned that Red wouldn’t let the drug dealer get away because he was rude and Red doesn’t like rude people. Red responded with, “He is on my jet.”

Red does not believe he’s a psychopath. In his eyes, what he’s done in the criminal world is all an effect of the murder of his family. He turned his back on his country and his career because somehow they were responsible for the elimination of his family. He functions with his own set of morals, that most of society probably wouldn’t agree with.

He is also an extremely ruthless individual with no qualms about killing and often chuckles at victims' death with a smile (rarely). He does not needlessly kill for the pleasure of it nor is he an genocidal maniac hellbent on eliminating all crime, but rather sees it as an effective means of gaining information, leading to the eventual deaths of blacklisters, and displays almost no empathy with killing people but instead covering it up with an faux affable evil facade to deceive his victims into lowering their guard so he can kill them or exploit them. He himself stated that when he kills someone he doesn’t pretend to care how they feel; he shot, stabbed, and suffocated them but he never coddled them for its disrespectful. He is shown to be extremely compassionate and caring towards Elizabeth Keen and his fiercely dedicated to protecting her and will go to extreme lengths to make sure she's safe, while also displaying a natural care for the members of his unit. He is not above being polite, kind, and caring towards people that he has known for an extended period of time with his affably evil persona almost always on display. He is nothing if not a man of his word, as he always keeps his promises. He vowed to Katarina to protect her daughter, and he dedicated his whole life into doing so.


Red has tattoos and scars, none of which have been seen on screen, only mentioned. He has heavy burns on his back.

Raymond Reddington is Caucasian, 5’10” tall, about 190 pounds and of medium build.  His hair is brown but he is currently bald, having shaved his head recently. He has green eyes.

Red is very meticulous in his way of dressing always making sure it fits with the occasion.  He’s usually found in a tailored high end three piece suit, tie, usually colourful, a fedora, Italian leather shoes, and his signature rose colored glasses.  He also always wears a wristwatch. Depending on the function, he may also appear in a custom tailored tuxedo.  He either wears a blue windbreaker over the suit or an overcoat if it’s cold. He also has a fur trimmed parka for very cold temperatures. But he is also a master criminal, and quite often dresses for those kinds of activities as well, found in non-descript, not anywhere near as flashy dress if he needs to blend into an environment.


In "Sutton Ross", it is revealed that he is not Raymond Reddington but Ilya Koslov, who has been using his identity for more than 30 years. In "Rassvet", it is revealed that he is Ilya Koslov, a childhood friend of Katarina Rostova, the love of his life and her occasional lover. The real Reddington was the man shot by Elizabeth Keen as a child while he was fighting with her mother and though Katarina and Ilya saved him from the fire, he died of his wounds. However, in "Orion Relocation Services", it is revealed he is not Ilya Koslov. In "Katarina Rostova", it is revealed that Katarina does not know who Reddington is with the real Ilya having turned on her to conspire with Dom to kill Katarina and protect Liz.

Raymond Reddington attended the United States Naval Academy, graduating top of his class at the age of 24, and was being groomed for Admiral when he disappeared while coming home to visit his family for Christmas in 1990. 4 years later, he resurfaced, selling classified documents to the enemy and was charged with treason in absentia. Over the next 20 years he built a syndicate of contacts: spies, thieves, smugglers, drug traffickers, people smugglers, human traffickers, arms traffickers, counterfeiters, forgers, hackers, mercenaries, and assassins. During this time, U.S. assets located in Moscow, Islamabad, and Beijing were compromised. He infiltrated the private sector, and there was no industry that was out of his reach, including technology, shipping, communications, security/military contracting and pharmaceuticals. Eventually he went from just selling secrets to also starting wars, toppling governments, and influencing geo-politics to suit his needs. He became known as "The Concierge of Crime" due to his ability to arrange deals in the black market. He was ranked fourth, and later first, on the FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list as an "arrest on sight" fugitive, as shown when he surrendered to the FBI in "Pilot". In a flashback in "Requiem", Red reveals to Kathryn Nemec that he created his criminal network with the sole purpose of protecting Elizabeth Keen and when his enemies got too close, went to the FBI to ensure her protection more directly.

In "Luther Braxton", "The Cryptobanker", and "Mr. Gregory Devry", it is stated that Red has been on the list the longest at 24/25 years. In "Mr. Gregory Devry" it is stated that the task force has been operating with Red for 28 months.

In "Dr. Hans Koehler it is revealed that he had Hans Koehler perform plastic surgery on his face and his change his original appearance to that of Raymond Reddington. In "Marko Jankowics" it is revealed that Katarina Rostova had arranged for "Red" to go through the operation.

In 1991, although seemingly unknown to him, Red was blamed for the bombing of a meeting of Russian intelligence leaders in Kursk. After the bombing a woman named Zoe D'Antonio was arrested as a dissident. Her father, Milos Kirchoff, was later exiled to a gulag. While he was in jail, Milos started receiving what he thought were pieces of his daughter’s body. Milos vowed to get his revenge on Reddington. However unknown to both Milos and Red, Red was being framed by Alan Fitch and Stanley R. Kornish. This series of misinformation eventually led to a gang war between Berlin’s and Reddington’s syndicates.

In 1992, Red and Sebastian Royce robbed the American Embassy in Italy.

In 1993, Reddington found, then 14 year old, Dembe Zuma chained in a basement in Nairobi, Kenya. He took Dembe and raised him as his own. It is most likely it was around this time Red learned of the Mombasa Cartel.

In 2008, after working together for some time, Anslo Garrick tipped off the FBI to Red’s location. Red managed to escape and figured out that Anslo had betrayed him. Red found him and shot him in the face. While the shot was not fatal, it did damage the side of his face.

Around 2008 Reddington had purchased weapons developed by Frederick Barnes.

In 2012, Josephine Moliere, a love interest of Red’s called him in a panic. Her husband, a member of the Stockwell crime family, had found out that she was seeing Red behind his back and in an alcoholic rage started to beat her. Red raced to her house and found her beaten and bloody on the floor. Her husband broke into the room, where Red shot him to death. He then took Josephine to get medical attention. Sometime after, he learned that her marriage was arranged for the 2 crime families to unite. He then bought Josephine’s house and vowed to find the man they called Alistair Pitt, who was responsible for the marriage, and kill him in the house.

In the same year, Reddington was contacted by Gina Zanetakos when she needed help assassinating a Supreme Court judge.

Sometime prior to 2013, Red came into contact with Bo Chang. Red put Bo on retainer and used his services to hide while he traveled.

At some point Red crossed paths with Lucy Brooks. In June 2013, Lucy used Eric Trettel to elude Reddington.

There are some events in Reddington’s past which the dates of their occurrence are unknown.

Red refused to deal with Floriana Campo and her slavery network.

At some point, Reddington had worked with Wujing in Hong Kong.

In Bolivia, Red and T. Earl King VI took part in some sort of deal. Red abandoned the deal due to the risk, but King stayed because he had invested millions of dollars. After Red left, soldiers raided the area and severely injured King. King partially blamed Red since he left him.

Red rose to prominence in the criminal underworld and became a member of the Shell Island Retreat.

During his time on the run, Red became friends with a con artist by the name of Gregory Devry.

At some point Red came into contact with Marvin Gerard, a lawyer who he later consulted before surrendering to the FBI.

Several years before Red turned himself in, Roger Hobbs offered Red an opportunity to invest in a new company of his called the Longevity Initiative.

Along Red’s criminal career he became associated with the Yakuza crime lord Mako Tanida. While Ressler and other members of a special taskforce assembled to catch Reddington were chasing him, they were able to arrest Tanida.

At some point, Red was in Belgrade with Henkel and Luther Todd Braxton. Braxton supposedly bested Red and killed Henkel, hanging him with one of Red’s neckties.

Years prior to Red turning himself in, Red somehow found out about Leon Kiklinski, a media manipulating terrorist for hire. He then kept Kiklinski on his radar.

While in Cairo, Red crossed paths with Tommy Phelps which resulted in the deaths of two of Red’s men.

Near Sochi, Red shared a prison cell with a man named Yevgeniy, a member of the Front.

Red was robbed by Ivan while he was meeting with Ivan’s brother.

Off the coast of Selangor, Red helped Andre Hamilton, a member of the Cabal, fake his death and resettle in Kettle Lake.

For some, as of now, unknown reason Reddington spent a majority of his past watching over Elizabeth Keen. He had a close friend, Sam Scott, watch over her when she lost her parents. Red even kept a wine bottle that she and Sam had made together.

As she got older, Red realized Sam couldn’t keep an eye on her as much. Red then contacted an acquaintance of his known as the Major. The Major chose one of his best agents, Jacob Phelps, for Red to use. Red wanted him to become friends with Liz and keep tabs on her. Following Red’s orders, Jacob became Tom Keen.

Later however, Red found out that Tom had become romantically involved with Liz. Red ended the business arrangement almost immediately. Not long after that, Red found out that both the Major and Tom had aligned themselves with Berlin’s syndicate.

It is also known that Red kept an eye on Liz while she was training for the FBI. It is possible that it was during this time Red took an interest in Tracy Solobotkin and John X cases, as these were cases Liz was required to study and remained unsolved. Red made sure Liz graduated 2 weeks early. Red most likely learned of Karl Hoffman once Liz was assigned to head the investigation.

In 2017, it is revealed that Reddington was involved in Liz's mother Katarina Rostova's fate. Dembe comments that he doesn't think Elizabeth will "ever be ready to learn about what you did to Katarina". Red is determined to make sure Liz never learns the truth of what happened to her mother, believing the truth will destroy their relationship permanently.

In 2018, it was revealed that he was not Raymond Reddington. Instead, he was Ilya Koslov, who took over Reddington's identity over 30 years ago. Likely after the real Reddington's death, when he was killed by Elizabeth Keen when she was 4 years old. The few who appear to have known the truth and know who Red really is appear to include Dembe Zuma, Kathryn Nemec, Dominic Wilkinson, Naomi Hyland, Sam Scott, Hans Koehler, and his former nurse Marguerite Renard. Others who have learned the truth (Ian Garvey, Sutton Ross, Diane Fowler, Peter Kotsiopulos) were killed for their knowledge. Recently, Donald Ressler and Harold Cooper learned the truth from Elizabeth.

It is later revealed that "Red" is in fact not Ilya Koslov, who is his close friend. This leaves his real identity unknown as well as his motivations for protecting Elizabeth, and how he is connected to Katarina Rostova, Ilya Koslov, and Dom.

Season 1Edit


Outside the FBI building in Washington DC, he meets a Newton Phillips who gives him a briefcase and then walks into the building, asks for Assistant Director Harold Cooper and tells them his own name. He then walks to the seal set in the floor, removes his coat, jacket and hat, then waits while the alarms sound and he is taken into custody.

The FBI case agent states they've confirmed he's Raymond Reddington by matching fingerprints and tattoos, as well as his knowledge about a former FBI attempt to kill him.

He is taken to the Post Office, where he says nothing until a chip is implanted in his shoulder. He then states he will only talk to Elizabeth Keen.

When she arrives he then relates part of her history, including some private details, and tells her that Beth Ryker, the daughter of General Daniel Ryker, will be kidnapped by a man named Ranko Zamani.

After Beth's kidnapping, he is taken to the operations room where he identifies other members of the kidnapping gang; including the Banker, the Innkeeper, and the Chemist. He has Liz logically work through the clues and figure out what is going on; to think like a criminal. (Zamani's story sounds very similar to the Farmer's story Red relates in "The Stewmaker".)

For a further relaxation of his conditions of imprisonment he offers to help find the Chemist. The relaxation of conditions are no handcuffs and he will reside in an hotel of his choosing.

In his second meeting with Liz, he inquires about the scar on her hand. She tells him she received the scar in a fire when she was 14.

While at the hotel he is stabbed in the neck by Liz, who believes (correctly) that he had Tom Keen attacked by Zamani.

Once he has had treatment at the hospital, he escapes and meets Zamani, and plants his tracking chip on him. When Liz realizes that the bomb is to be detonated at the zoo, he sends a Ukrainian to defuse the bomb and waits to be recaptured.

While comforting the child Beth, Liz says her father gave her the scar on her hand when she was about Beth's age (around 4), contradicting what she told Red.

At a meeting with Cooper and Donald Ressler he states his conditions for giving the FBI the names of major criminals, which he dubs The Blacklist. His conditions are: He never sleeps in the same place more than two nights; He wants his own security detail; He will negotiate his own immunity deal and the he will only speak with Elizabeth.

“The Freelancer”Edit

Red is now being held in an FBI secret prison which looks like an oil tanker. He is taken to Washington for a polygraph test, during which he states that a disaster will occur at the Decatur industrial park, that day at 11 A.M.

After the train crash, Red is brought to the FBI operations room, where he reveals the the crash was caused by an individual known as the Freelancer who disguises his assassinations as accidents. Red estimates that he has killed over 3,000 innocent civilians and compares his scale of carnage to terrorist organizations and governments. Red says that he cannot contact the Freelancer directly, but he does have an intermediary in Montreal.

In Montreal, Red and Elizabeth Keen talk in a restaurant until Red leaves the table and proceeds to exit the restaurant through the back door and wait in the RCMP/FBI control vehicle for the flustered agents. He reveals that his contact was the coat-check guy and that the intended target is Floriana Campo, a noted campaigner against human trafficking.

When the FBI realize that the only person who can identify the Freelancer is Red, his deal is signed, Dembe Zuma and Luli Zeng form his security detail. Meera Malik, a CIA agent, is added by Diane Fowler.

At the function Red identifies the Freelancer and the agents give chase. Taking advantage of the distraction Red heads for Floriana's room. Once there he reveals that he knows her and that she is the head of the Eberhardt Cartel, the largest human trafficking gang in the Eastern Hemisphere and one of the most vicious.

Liz then arrives and Red reveals that the Freelancer has poisoned Floriana and the if she admits her guilt he will give Liz the antidote. Floriana nods to agree to her guilt.

Next day Liz and Red are talking, Liz says that the FBI have checked Floriana's accounts and found that she was the leader of the cartel. She asks what would have occurred if the antidote had worked? Red replies that there was no antidote.


Red is playing solo chess in a park when he is approached by a representative of Wujing requesting his assistance in decoding a message. Red explains that his usual contractor is unavailable, but Luli Zeng has details of a replacement and once due diligence is completed they will proceed as normal. Red then tells the representative that he "prefers to play with himself in private," signalling for him to leave.

At his hatter Red meets Elizabeth Keen and explains that she is to pose as a cryptographer, and decode the name of an American agent for the Chinese spy killer Wujing. Liz is not happy with the idea but is eventually persuaded by the FBI to comply.

Red and Liz enter Wujing's bunker and are introduced to Jin Sun, Wujing's new cryptographer. The bunker is shielded and in order to get the information to the FBI, Liz needs to insert her mirroring USB key into Jin Sun's computer, so Red distracts everyone by pointing out one of the FBI surveillance vehicles. Once the message is decoded, but before they can leave, the transmission to the FBI is detected. The source of the contact to the FBI is identified as Jin Sun's computer, so Wujing beats Jin Sun. Jin Sun notices Liz's USB key, but before he can alert anyone, Red shoots him dead, telling Liz that he'll do anything to keep her alive.

Red, Liz, Wujing and the rest of his staff leave the bunker though a hidden exit and drive away. Wujing drops Red and Liz of at a place where Dembe Zuma collects them.

As Liz leaves she asks Red, why her? He says that it is because of her father. When she asks if he knew her father, he says that the answer is complicated.

“The Stewmaker”Edit

Red hears about Liz's upcoming trial, and arranges a meeting to tell her that the defendant, Hector Lorca, has contacted him requesting a new identity. He also says that he has to travel to Haiti.

In Haiti while selling arms he receives a call from Liz updating him on the situation, and tells her to check the bath.

Back in Washington, Red tells the FBI what little he knows about the Stewmaker and suggests they pressure Lorca for information.

After Liz has been kidnapped, Red and Donald Ressler go to a meeting with Lorca, for Red to hand over his new identity and to get information about Liz. Before they enter the meeting Red warns Ressler that he will have to explain why he is accopmanying Red, since he should be attending alone. In the meeting Red tells Lorca that Ressler is an FBI agent. Ressler then tells Lorca that he is the person who arranged for the new identity. Lorca is reluctant to give any information about the Stewmaker, but when Red threatens not to hand over the identity he gives Red his contact information for the Stewmaker.

At the Post Office, Red notices the evidence of dog hair from the motel room and leaves the FBI to their investigation while he pursues his own investigation.

In his limousine with Dembe driving, and Luli Zeng sitting next to him, he speaks to Animal Control and persuades them to release the tracking information on Kornish's dog to him, and they head for the cabin. When they are near the cabin Red tells Dembe to stop at a shop to buy some meat.

Just as Liz is about to be killed, Red knocks out Kornish with a single punch. He then binds Kornish and checks that Liz is alright. Kornish's dog is seen enjoying a raw steak. Red talks to Kornish about a farmer who loses everything, and over time becomes the predator. He then tips Kornish into his vat of chemicals, just before the FBI arrive. He tells Ressler that Liz needs medical attention, and when Meera Malik asks what he is doing there, he replies that she is wearing a pretty blouse. While the FBI are securing the scene and attending to Liz, Red finds an album of Kornish's victims and removes one picture. As Liz is entering the ambulance she calls Red a monster and asks how he lives with himself, he replies that it is by keeping her alive. He gives Liz the album. As the ambulance drives away he tells Ressler that the album contains enough information to put Lorca and several others in prison.

At the end of the episode Red stands on a bridge looking at the picture he took from Kornish's album.

“The Courier”Edit

Newton Phillips informs Red that Tommy Phelps will be making a delivery for 20,000,000 dollars shortly and wonders if they should intercept it. Red decides that it would be better to use the FBI as a strike force.

When Liz hears about the job she is initially skeptical, until Red tells her how much the package is worth.

Once the courier is captured and after watching the initial interrogation, Red tells Harold Cooper that he will need a doctor, as he always wondered if the rumours were true. When the FBI discover that the courier is impervious to pain, Red says that he may be able to find his safe house, assuming that the courier is still addicted to opium.

Red identifies the woman that Tommy Phelps took surveillance photographs of, as Laurence Dechambou, a night club owner and information broker.

After the arrest of Dechambou, Red tells Cooper that she was going to be the French version of him, so will tell them nothing. He says that if they release her, he will find the location where she left Seth Nelson. Cooper says to Red "If you screw me over on this..." to which Red interjects "I'll consider it a bonus".

Red meets Dechambou at her club and in return for a flight out of the country she tells Red what he wants to know.

Back at the Post Office with Liz and Dembe, they deduce where Seth is being held and Dembe drives them there.

At the site, Red says that Phelps would have buried the refrigerator containing Seth and finds a patch of clear ground where they should dig.

As Seth is being loaded into the ambulance he has a whispered conversation with Red.

At his current abode, Newton Phillips says to Red that he wasted his 1 question, Red says that he is betting on the long term.

“Gina Zanetakos”Edit

Red is ensconced in an apparently deserted house where he is negotiating the sale of an Old Master painting. During the negotiation Newton Phillips receives a call regarding the situation with Liz and Tom Keen.

Red meets with Liz in front of the White House, where he tells her about corporate terrorist Gina Zanetakos whom he claims is Tom's lover, and who is in the country. He also tells Liz that last time he had contact with Gina, she was using the alias Shubie Hartwell.

When Red next meets Liz he is more interested in Tom's situation than the ongoing investigation. Liz vehemently defends her husband and leaves.

At their next meeting Liz has been tasked with asking Red to find Max Ruddiger and, through him, Gina Zanetakos for the FBI. Red reminisces about Max.

He flies to Germany accompanied by Dembe where meets with Max, who is initially reluctant to help, but Red gets him drunk and offers a Syrian contract so Max tells what he knows. Max does not know the target, just the time of detonation. He calls Gina so that the FBI can trace her.

After the bomb is dealt with, an angry Liz visits Red and tells him that Gina denied knowing Tom and that he can "go to hell". Red does not say anything; he just sighs once she leaves.

“Frederick Barnes”Edit

Because Elizabeth Keen is not taking his calls due to her belief about his involvement in Tom Keen's troubles, Red calls the tip line to tell Liz he knows who caused the biological attack. Liz and Donald Ressler meet Red at his tailor and he briefs them on Frederick Barnes.

At a meeting with Harold Cooper, Ressler, Liz, and Meera; Red learns that Strontium-90 was used in the bomb's detonator. He says that he has a contact for Strontium-90 and he might be able to use him to get a lead on Barnes. As the contact lives in Cuba, Red says that he will have to fly to meet him. He invites Liz to accompany him, but she refuses.When he enters his car he says to Luli Zeng that he hopes she has good news as it has been a very depressing morning. Luli tells him that something he has been looking for has come on the market. He is pleased and tells her to proceed.

In Cuba, Red meets his contact Manny and when Manny won't divulge the name of the Strontium-90 buyer, he bugs his office and makes an offer for some of the material. As expected, Manny refuses and when Red leaves, calls Barnes. Through the bug Dembe is able to trace the call and Red calls Liz with Barnes' location.

After Liz lets Barnes go, she calls Red. He tells her that he is not a gumball machine and hangs up. When Liz calls back and says she needs his help, he makes her repeat the request before suggesting that he would see the survivor of the courthouse attack as a failure and be certain to visit her.

Outside the Forrester home Red confronts Liz and tells her that if she says the word, he will disappear for ever. When Liz scoffs at the idea, he points out that disappearing was a service he offered to many people. He repeats his offer, but when Liz does not reply, he says that he will see her tomorrow.

He, along with Dembe and Luli take a tour of the house purchased by Luli. Red reminisces about family life in the house before leaving. As they leave an explosion set by Dembe destroys the house.

“General Ludd”Edit

At a meeting with Harold Cooper, Red says that to assist the FBI in this case he wants access to the FBI's ViCAP (Violent Criminal Apprehension Program) system. Red tells Cooper that he is not a consultant, and he give the FBI cases, not the other way round. With prompting from Liz he agrees, and Red tells them that Nathaniel Wolff is the leader of the anonymous terrorist organization, General Ludd. The FBI do not believe him, as CCTV footage of the bombing suspect does not match Wolff's photograph.

Red is meeting with his counterfieter when Liz tracks him down to tell him that they suspect Wolff of having cosmetic surgery. Red wants to talk about Liz's father, but when she is not forthcoming he tells her that Dr. Abraham Maltz is the best cosmetic surgeon for the type of work Wolff would have required.

Red visits Dr. Maltz with Liz, when he initially refuses to divulge Wolff's new name; Liz says that she is an FBI agent and threatens him with a FBI raid. Maltz reveals that Wolff's new name is Bradley Holland. When Maltz queries Red about him working with the FBI, Red says that there was no proof that Liz was an FBI agent, and that he is appalled at how Maltz gave up the information in the face of a few forceful threats.

Red then goes to Nebraska to visit Sam, Liz's adopted father. In their discussion Red learns that Sam has only about 6 weeks to live. Sam tells Red that he would have preferred it if they had said 6 hours. Sam also tells red that he wants to tell Liz something. Red says that he can't allow that. Sam calls Liz to say goodbye, then Red smothers him with a pillow.

Outside, Red sits next to Tom Keen and talks about Liz to him, without revealing who he is. Red tells Tom that Liz is stronger than he thinks and that her father will always be watching over her.

While returning to Washington on board his private plane, Red receives a call from Liz asking about Wolff's escape. Red says that if you the right people, all things are possible and he points out that his plane is not grounded. After he hangs up, Red tells Dembe to inform that pilot that they will be making an unscheduled stop.

At a remote airfield, he and Dembe intercept Wolff. Red states that he wants capitalism to survive and steals the hard drive containing the program for the new 100 dollar banknote design. As they walk away, Red tells Dembe to send Wolff's aircraft tail number to Keen.

At the Post Office, Red is given access to ViCAP and enters the numbers he received from Wujing. The numbers refer to a young woman named Lucy Brooks.

At Mary's house Liz tries to talk to Red about the missing hard drive, but he changes the subject to Sam and gets her to talk about him.

“Anslo Garrick”Edit

Red is celebrating the completion of a business deal with Luli Zeng, Max Ruddiger and several others in a Munich bierkeller when he sees Donald Ressler approaching. Red intercepts him and explains to the assembled guests that Donald is his man in the State Department, who he has invited to join them. Ressler says that Elizabeth Keen has been detained and the reason is above his security clearance, but she needs his help in Washington.

When Red, Luli and Dembe enter the Post Office, they are handcuffed and separated. Harold Cooper explains that they have credible intelligence that an assassination attempt will be made on Red's life and he is now in protective custody. When he hears the evidence that Meera Malik has collated, Red immediately states that the information is false, probably sourced through an informant within the team. The purpose is to have him in a known location from where he can be captured or killed. As he is saying this, gunfire is a heard. Red says "They're in". Cooper orders Ressler to take Red to the box. As he is being led away Red tells Cooper to evacuate the building.

On the way to the box, they are attacked by one of Garrick's men who shoots Ressler in the leg, who Ressler manages to shoot before collapsing in pain. Red uncuffs himself and kills their attacker before heading to the box with Ressler. Ressler sets the box to delayed closure while Red collects some medical supplies. They enter the box and it closes as Garrick arrives.

Red starts to treat Ressler's wound while Garrick taunts him from outside, including how Ressler nearly assassinated Red in Brussels based on information supplied by Garrick. Red responds by taunting Garrick about his face where he was shot by Red.

Garrick tires of taunting Red, and has Cooper and the rest of the prisoners brought to them. He threatens to shoot Cooper unless he opens the box, but Red talks him out of it.

Garrick then brings Luli to the box,where he puts a gun to her head and threatens to shoot her unless Red opens the box. When Red is unable to open the box Garrick kills Luli. He then begins the same routine with Dembe, Red realizes that Ressler knows the code, but Ressler has fainted. Dembe and Red recite the Al-Ikhlas, then Garrick puts a gun to Dembe's head and the screen fades to black as a gunshot is heard.

“Anslo Garrick Conclusion”Edit

When Anslo Garrick sees Red's reaction to Liz's capture, he lets go of Dembe and puts the gun to Liz's head. Red puts a loaded gun to Ressler's head and forces him to reveal the code to open the box. Red exits the box leaving the gun beside Ressler.

Anslo then implements the next stage of his plan, which is to leave the Post Office through the sewer system taking Red and Liz with him and the mercenary team.

In the ambulance Red gives Liz contact information for Kathryn Nemec, just before she escapes and Anslo's people remove his chip.

Red is taken to another abandoned building where he is suspended by his arms from a beam. Anslo explains to Red that he is to be prepared for questioning. A doctor arrives and injects Red with drugs that will heighten his sensitivity to pain. To check that the drug is working Anslo starts beating Red.

After some time, Red is taken down and sat in a chair. While he is being manhandled Red takes a pair of scissors from the doctor's pocket.

Alan Fitch sits opposite Red and questions him about his arrangement with the FBI, telling him that he is concerned that this may break their deal. Red assures him that their deal is still valid. Fitch tells Red to be careful, as he could have had Red snatched from anywhere, but he chose the Post Office to prove his power. Red reminds Fitch that his information will be distributed at his death, Fitch says that is why Red has been allowed to live for the past 20 years. Fitch then leaves.

A short time later Anslo returns and tells Red that he is going to kill him, and then he is going to go after Liz. Red grunts and Anslo asks if Red is feeling something, Red mumbles and Anslo leans in close. Red then stabs him in the back of the neck with the scissors and says "regret".

Red is next seen in a phone booth calling Liz where he tells her that he'll be away for a while, but if she needs help he'll be there. He also tells her to be careful of her husband. When Liz asks Red if he is her father, he pauses and then says no.

“The Good Samaritan”Edit

Red looks at the body of Luli Zeng in her coffin and asks Newton Phillips to make the arrangements for her ashes.

Red then tracks down, catches and interrogates the remaining watcher, the paramedic who removed his chip and the doctor who injected him. Their bodies are then dumped in various locations about the city.

Red calls Elizabeth Keen at home and suggests that she concentrates on The Good Samaritan's victims instead of trying to profile him.

Red then goes after the banker for the raid and begins by interrogating, then killing, a club owner called Fyodor. He then speaks to Henry Krueger outside his home and demands his records for the raid.

Red has Aram Mojtabai kidnapped and brought to him. He threatens to shoot Aram unless he can untraceably steal 5,000,000 dollars from one specified account and put it into another specified account. When Aram completes the task, Red tells him that he could not be the mole as he would not have accepted payment in a way that could be easily traced to him.

Red returns to Henry's house and this time charms his way inside. shoots Henry in the leg, puts his wife in a closet and learns that the payment was made to Newton Phillips.

Red spreads Luli's ashes onto a lake, and then asks Newton Phillips why he betrayed him. Newton Phillips responds that they threatened his family. Red says he will look after Newton Phillips's family and then suffocates him with a plastic bag.

Red goes to Liz's home while Tom Keen is away and tells her that there is a mole in the FBI. He also says that he will give her the next name on The Blacklist.

“The Alchemist”Edit

Red tells Liz that the next person on The Blacklist is known as the Alchemist, a person who protects the guilty by killing the innocent. He also tells Liz that the Alchemist's next clients are Pytor and Catherine Madrcyzk.

Red meets with an organization of hacktivists who have amassed a large amount of shredded government information and tells him to re-assemble the documents in an effort to discover the mole.

When Liz tells Red that the Madrcyzk's have been confirmed killed in an aircraft crash, he tells Liz that he has heard rumors that the Alchemist uses synthetic DNA and false dental records to convince the authorities that his clients have died. He also tells Liz where to find Pytor Madrcyzk.

When Elizabeth Keen calls and tells him about the torn and burnt piece of paper he prompts her to think about laboratory equipment.

When Liz calls about help in locating Trettel after he has kidnapped his wife and child, Red replies that she needs to focus on the wife and daughter. He is then shown a memo signed by Meera Malik indicating she is the mole.

After Liz gives him Eric Trettel's client list, she asks if Red wanted the list to locate a single person.

He is waiting in Meera's appartment when she arrives home. He asks if she knows why he is there, and she replies that he is there to kill her because she is the mole.

“The Cyprus Agency”Edit

Red meets with Liz in the synagogue he has been laying low in to bring her case on the Cyprus Adoption Agency, an adoption agency he accuses of stealing infants from their birth mothers to give to other parents looking to adopt.

Later, Red enters an abandoned building and encounters a man named Teddy Brimley to was vetting the captured Agent Malik, proclaiming her to be "cleaner that a duck fart." Reddington hires Malik to find who issued the orders for Malik to start a bidding process on improving the site's security.

After DNA tests yield no results, Liz goes to Red for help on the case. Red tells her to check for relatives of the children, reminding Liz that "not every missing child is on the back of a milk carton." Red later takes Liz to the house of a drug dealer named Russell for information on Hydroxipam sales.

Red waits inside Diane Fowler's home after learning from Malik's findings that Fowler was the one who let Anslo Garrick