How is money generated in network marketing

How to make money in network marketing, isn’t that the question of the year? That is the title of this blog post because my heart for you is to make big money & make all your dreams come true.

I want to welcome you to The Live Networker – if you’ve never been here & if you have, welcome back!  I’m going to teach you:

  • How to get paid in network marketing
  • How network marketing works at its most efficient level
  • How to play the game correctly
  • At the end I will be teaching you the #1 skill you must have in network marketing to make money

The network marketing industry is convoluted with a lot of teachers training on what I call the easy button syndrome. The easy button syndrome is looking around the corner thinking there’s an easier way to recruit reps but there’s only one true way to get paid in network marketing, but before we go there, I want to introduce you to my unlimited leads training.

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Let’s get on with the madness of making money in mlm.

How Do You Make Money In Network Marketing?  Heck, What is network marketing?

For those of you that don’t really know the true definition of network marketing, take network marketing and we separate network and marketing apart. We have two words, correct?

We obviously market a product or service through our network. Typically, we want to continually be growing our network. I have a link right down here below on how to get more leads and generate more leads, more people inside of network marketing to talk to so you can grow your network.

How To Generate Leads For Network Marketing For Free On Social Media

Then, we need to get good at marketing; meaning getting people to take action on what we want them to do. That is what network marketing or mlm is all about.

Why is network marketing the best way to create an income?

I think it’s best because it really shows who you are.  You have to be somebody great or at least becoming somebody great. You have to be somebody different for others to willingly come work with you.

It’s not like a corporate career where you are driven by promotions, money and notoriety. People are going to be on your team, going to work with you & for themselves because they want to.They enjoy the time around you and I believe that is true leadership.

True leadership is not when you can hold something [Like Money] over somebody’s head and make sure that they do the job like in a corporate situation.

Network marketing happens to give you the ability to create residual income.  That means money that comes in, no matter if you’re working or not.  In a corporate career or almost any other career, you don’t have that opportunity.

This is why network marketing or mlm, in my opinion, is the best avenue to create income for you and your family. Not only for today, but the future.

Just understand to make big money, this is a two to five year plan. This isn’t going to happen tomorrow. This isn’t going to happen next week. It’s going to take you some time, but it’s worth it.

How You Get Paid In Network Marketing

We’ve already set the standard that you’re marketing through your network & that’s how you get paid. That’s where you should start and you should continually grow your network in this business.  You should continually get better at marketing.

By the way, there’s a blog post right here about LinkedIn that I think that you should really take a look at.

How To Use LinkedIn For Network Marketing To Recruit Powerful Leaders

Linkedin is one of one of the social media places that most people overlook and it’s where you can recruit a lot of professionals in your business.  Make sure you take a look at it.

You get paid when product is disseminated in our organization or product is purchased or moved. That’s when we get paid. We don’t get paid to sign people up. You don’t get paid to sign up distributors.  You don’t get paid to train.

You get paid when product is moved within our organization, and this brings me to the number one failure of could be network marketing superstars.

#1 Failure Of Would Be MLM Top Earners

People believe that the name of the game is prospecting. The name of the game is leading people into their organization and showing them their video or taking them to an event.

That’s not how to make money in network marketing. What makes you money in network marketing is what we’re going to talk about next, follow-up.

The number one failure is, is people only follow up once or twice with somebody after they show them a video. The average person takes 9 times to see a piece of information or different pieces of information before they join. If you’re only showing it once or twice, you’re going to lose.

99% of your chance of signing people up and selling products is gone. What you need to do is get really good at following up with people in unique ways. We’re going to talk about that later on in this article, but the number one failure is not inviting.

The number one failure is not getting started.  The number one failure is not understanding that it’s a two to five year plan. And because of that follow up is the name of the game.

The Game Called Network Marketing [How It’s Played]

That’s called network marketing. I don’t understand it at all. You know, a lot of your companies are, let’s just say it’s $200 to get started with product & signing up.  If I was to sell a butcher box, it’s high quality frozen meat sent to my door so I don’t have to go to the store to get it right.

That was an easy sale to me, right? It was a simple sale. I saw value and I purchased. In network marketing, people don’t just do that.   Typically, for some reason people take a long time to make a decision.

It’s like they’re getting married to your company.  It’s an emotional purchase. They’re attached to something that’s going to take their time, therefore it’s going to take you time to enroll them. And this is why network marketing is a two to five year plan.

You get involved some kind of sales position out there in the workforce and you’re going to sell things all the time for that price point.  But network marketing is going to take their time & they have to trust that you can lead them.

By the way, right below here, I have a link to a, an article on how to build more rapport, how to close better especially if you’re an introvert, makes sure you take a look at that.

Closing Techniques In Network Marketing For The Introverted

I talk about rapport, how to build it fast and how to gain trust.  I highly suggest taking a look if closing or building rapport is hard for you.

You have to have a systematic process to follow up with people. You have to have a mlm system of some kind  to keep track of your prospects because most of your prospects will not join you within one or two months of getting involved.

Make sure that you have a process because if you have papers stewed about and business cards sitting every which way, network marketing is going to be very hard for you.  This is not how you make money in network marketing.  A system is needed and…

The Citalink Live Caller | The Ultimate Follow-Up Machine

Citalink is a customer relationship manager where you’re able to keep track of your contacts, take notes over time, schedule appointments & keep all of your prospects organized.  On top of that, you can upload people (lists) or individuals 1 at a time.

Just click the image to the right & click the blue star to start your free trial or just follow along.

I wan to give you a list of features that the CitaLink Live Caller has & why it will help you make money in network marketing.

Managing Contacts & Taking Notes

When I call somebody for the first time or load them into the system, I take notes on them.  Then every time thereafter the notes show when I call them.  This is really advantageous because then the next time I call them I know exactly who they are, why they are pursing a business, where I contacted them & what their pains in life are.

I don’t know about you, but I forgot what I had for breakfast this morning.  I’m for sure going to forget about where I contacted someone months after I met them.  This makes sure I never forget about that again.

Campaigns, Voicemails & 3-Way Calls

You can upload a list of leads, if you have them or upload them 1 at a time when you create them.  Then you can have the system call those people for you.  You’re live on the line but only talk when you reach a live person.  When you reach a live person, the notes of that person also pop up.

You have the ability to record a voicemail so you never have to leave another voicemail again.  This is the #1 waster of time when dialing.  Finally, you can put your 3-way contacts into the system as well so you’re not searching for numbers or worrying about who you call to help you close your network marketing prospects.

Email & Email Templates

This alone probably saves me at least an hour of time each day.  You have the ability to write an email one time that there name always changes because the system does that for you.  You just take the template and you blast the template to that person that wants a video about your company.

This gives you the ability to not have to write a separate email every time

, not have to look up the links you need to send them.  When I’m getting people started, I do the same thing from that same spot. If somebody joins me, like I had somebody join a couple of days ago, his name is Rodney.

I can have my getting started email blast off to him and I don’t have to worry about writing another email to him.  Again, this saves me countless hours of time. I don’t have to rewrite it. All I have to do for him is go into CitaLink and select the email templates.  From there, I simply select the template and send it to him.

Again, saving countless hours & allowing me to make more money in network marketing!

Syncing You Calendar

If you’re a calendar person, which I hope you are, your calendar is going to sync to the calendar inside of CitaLink.  If you’re busy on your calendar, whether you’re at work, play or whatever you’ve got scheduled, Citalink knows that.

The appointments that you make inside of the CitaLink actually go onto your calendar of choice as well. You can either have it hooked to ICal or Google calendars.  You can even set your reminders to remind you before the follow-up appointment.  Me personally, I love it to remind me via text.  I may miss an email, but surely I won’t miss a text message.

This makes sure I can continue creating network marketing success and training you because my appointment never fall through!

Tracking Your Progress

You can print out a report at the end of the week/month to tell you how many hours you actually spent on the phone.  This is important is your network marketing goals because you seem to think in your mind how much you actually do but then again, you think that you do more than you do.

Tracking your real numbers is the difference between mlm success & network marketing failure.  This feature is a truth telling feature that is undeniable.

How Much To Get Started For CitaLink?

It’s actually FREE to get started for 15 days.  You can pick your plan by going right here.  I highly suggest to start out with the 49.99 plan or 8 hours of call time.  Remember, that’s (60 calls per hour X 8 hours).  Your hours roll over so there’s no need to worry if you don’t use your call time.

In this how to make money in network marketing post, I hope I’ve made you understand the significance of a follow-up system and CitaLink is so incredible for all the reasons I’ve listed above.  Make sure you think hard and make a decision to start your CitaLink journey today!

In closing, on this blog posts of how to make money in network marketing or MLM, I want you to understand one key thing, the number one skill you need is not prospecting, is not reaching out to people…

It’s your follow-up process.  If you don’t have a follow-up system, success in mlm is going to be very hard for you!

Looking For More Leads To Put In Your CitaLink Live Caller?

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